Ending a Tournament

The following describes what happens at the end of a tournament.

1. The Tournament ends on the advertised end date. Each tournament game is programmed to disable Tournament play at this time. Games in progress are allowed to continue until completed.

2. The disabled game machine will no longer allow Tournament play. Players will no longer have a selection screen for Regular or Tournament play. Regular play is completely unaffected by the end of the tournament and the game will play as usual.

3. Final Tournament data is downloaded from each machine during the regularly scheduled call-in time. A new LED message is sent to each machine at this time, announcing the end of the Tournament.

4. A list of Tournament winners is compiled after all of the games have called the ITS with final data. It may take three to four days for all of the games to make their final calls. When all of the games have reported in, the final standings are transferred to each machine.

5. Final Leaderboard and new LED messages continue to appear on each game machine after the Tournament ends, to allow players to view the final standings.

6. Winners Lists are made available to locations for display. The signs include instructions to the winners on how to claim their prizes. Incredible Technologies is responsible for distribution of prizes to verified winners. Operators are responsible for posting the Winners Lists at their locations.

7. The game machines continue to call the ITS each night, even when no tournament is running. Machines remain on-line in order to monitor for potential problems, as well as be ready to accept new LED sign messages and starting data for the next tournament.

8. A statement is faxed to the operator at the end of the tournament that details the tournament activity on each of his machines. The total number of tournament plays and the dollar value of the ITS portion of the tournament plays appears on the statement, along with the date that the ITS funds will be transferred from the operator's automatic debit account. Operators are usually given 4 to 7 business days to make their ITS funds available before the funds are electronically transferred.

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