Powerup Problems


Probable Cause


Bo reaction when game is turned ON

Voltage too high.

Power supply is too high. Power should be between +5v & 5.2v. (Measured on the circuit board).

Cabinet is not connected to earth ground. (All metal should be connected to the earth ground).

Short between power and ground. Check for foreign material.

Disconnect the harness and measure the resistance between power and ground. It should read around 600 ohms. (0 ohms is a dead short).

No power from the power supply. Power supply needs adjustment.

Short on the board.

Make sure the harness is not shorting to anything, such as bare or frayed wires shorting out each other or hitting bare metal.

Replace power supply.

Power supply too low. (Should ideally be between +5v & +5.2v). (Measured on the circuit board).

Check for loose or foreign material on the board.

JAMMA Harness connected improperly. Identify Pin 1 on the JAMMA connector and on the PCB. If installed incorrectly, damage to the PCB may have occurred.

Screen flashes repeatedly Open on socketed IC's Check for bent pins on socketed parts.

Make sure that all IC's are seated in their sockets properly.

+5v setting too low.

SW2-Dip switches near the green LED may not be set correctly.

Check voltage. (Measured on the circuit board).

Make sure SW2-Dip switch #1 and # 2 are "ON", and #3 and #4 are "OFF".

The LED message does not get updated Improper connection. correctly

The LED sign is not on

No power.

Bad cable.

Check that the sign cable is plugged into the jack labeled SIGN on the PCB, and the other end is plugged into the LED sign.

Check that the power jack is connected properly to the sign and that the sign is getting power.

Make sure there is +12 volts going to the sign.

Long screw is used in the top instead of the bottom.

Verify that the sign cable is good, by trying a known good cable or by testing the continuity of the cable.

Green LED not blinking

Green LED not blinking operator adjustables keep changing Sounds Bad

Game comes up in Test Mode

Trackball mounted correctly but is swinging 45° out of line

Program not running.

Bad connections.

Loose pin on ASIC (U1) Low battery voltage Bad static RAM (U50) Miscellaneous Dip Switch 1 is "OFF"

SW1-Dip switches are not all "ON"

Make sure all socketed IC's are seated correctly. Look for bent pins.

Make sure you have continuity from PCB to power supply.

Call Incredible Technologies, Inc. Battery should be 2 to 3 volts. Replace.

Check the speaker connections.

Make sure SW1-Dip Switch 1, near the JAMMA, is in the "ON" position.

Make sure the SW1-Dip Switches are all "ON"

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