Hub Cover

Figure 3-5 Maintaining

21. Check the alignment of the potentiometer and the motor by very carefully turning the steering wheel as far as it will go clockwise and counterclockwise. Check to see that the potentiometer does not come to its own stop, but continues to turn as far as the steering wheel turns in both directions. If the potentiometer does come to its own stop, then do steps 15 through 20 again.

22. Using the four tamperproof screws, install the steering assembly on the dashboard. Tighten the nuts on the carriage bolts securely so the steering assembly will not twist on the dashboard.

23. Install the steering wheel on the steering hub. Make sure the hole in the steering wheel goes over the Steering Wheel the alignment stud on the hub. (See Figure 3-5.)

24. Put on the washer and the large nut. Torque the nut to 50 foot-pounds.

25- Install the hub cover, split-lock washer, and the socket-head screw. Put Loktite on the screw before installing it and then tighten it to 95 inch-pounds.

26. Replace the Atari Games decal on the hub.

27. Put the dashboard back in the simulator, following the instructions in the section Installing the Dashboard.

28. Go to the Set Controls screens in the self-test and re-initialize all the controls.

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