Maintenance and Troubleshooting

This chapter includes maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting information for your Hard Drivin'™ simulator. The maintenance and inspection schedule is shown first, and then a table of general troubleshooting information for the entire simulator. (A troubleshooting table for each mechanical part is shown in the section for that part.) A table of the voltage levels and test points for each PCB follows this troubleshooting table. The rest of the chapter has the repair and maintenance procedures for each part. These are arranged by the name of that part.

Because of the complexity of the simulator, the hardware and software are very closely related. Generally, you can determine how a mechanical part is working by checking the Control Inputs test screen in the self-test. You get more information about the operation of some controls from the Main Board Controls menu screen.

you are having problems with a mechanical assembly, always keep in mind your connections may not be good or you may have an electronic hardware problem. Check the Control Inputs screen to narrow down the source of the problem. Also, before you take a control out of the simulator to test or repair it, first perform the Set Controls screens in the self-test, then test the control. This can correct many electronic and electromechanical problems.

If after using these tests and screens, you decide to repair a part, the procedures for removal, disassembly, and repair are provided in this chapter for most parts. If a part is mentioned, but not illustrated, refer to Chapter 4, Illustrated Parts Lists, for information.

this chapter. Use this table if all of your controls are acting erratically or not responding. If just one control is not functioning, go to the section in this chapter on that control and read the troubleshooting information there.

Table 3-3 contains the voltage levels to the boards and the test points for those voltage levels. Problems with controls, video, and software may be caused by low voltages to the boards associated with them.

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