Chapter 2

Self-Test and Diagnostics

The Hard Drivin' simulator is a complex machine. To

|i| keep it at peak efficiency and maximum earnings, you vr::\ should regularly check the functioning of the controls,

P*;s ! . t RAMs, ROMs, PCBs, and microprocessor systems.You

.i?- ^'™S: ^ican cheek all of these things when you switch oil the

"ill' s V' -t : self-rest. Also in the self-test, you can check the video fi;" ■ J,,. display, the statistics, and set the internal clock.

:1. If you cannot use the self-test because the screen is

' , gw<!!<! ;p;f | ^¡»o^^yrjypu can use a DIP switch on the main PCB to

;P"|: -find the source of the problem. Also, you can check

> r ■ ,! 'U;# lit various signals on the main PCB with the l.HDs if you

! J *;Si:. T;;:4 are having electronic problems due to a malfunction-

is»5: : You should regularly check the following screens and , ^ i- ; ' >:.information. \\"e recommend you check these when

' "/. ■ 25 you first set up the .simulator, each time you col lee:

■ f IP':; money, or when the simulator is not i'uncrioning cor-

;i!;:::|.: • Check the automated self-test, which you enter au-\9M\ tomatically when you :urn on the self test. It takes .'•. 'i; aboXU"? minutes to run. It checks the program

- vV RAMs and ROMs, the video RAMs, color RAMs. :he

-■¡J ,' y, .i; '*'>'-' ■ . MSP microprocessor system, the AI1SP PCB. and

W'^fMiKiMlMM * Chec:k the Control hunzts screen,. which you '" ) 'iifeij:HiJ"a'tS^S WMSi^ffest Meriu screen. This .shows the

' ■■'^C'^S'i !.(,«f;f4|i?3 voltage in.f)ut to the: main PCB from the steering

■ wheel, brake pedal. gas pedal, clutch pedal, seat;, a:ncTjftfe makes it easy to check whether the controls are functioning correctly.

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