You must go through the Set Controls screens in the self-test because you re -placed the potentiometer. The simulator will not function correctly if you do not set the controls.

Replacing a Broken Compression or Extension Spring on the Gas Pedal

It is very unlikely that either of these springs will be sprung or fatigued. However, if either are, follow the instructions below.

1. Take the cable off the cable spring.

2. Remove the two retaining rings from either end of the pivot pin and take out the pivot pin.

3. Take out the springs. If you are replacing the compression spring, be sure that the large end of the spring is against the base plate when you put the pedal assembly together again.

4. Reassemble the gas pedal assembly. Rewind the pulley cable in the following way:

a. Re-connect one end of the cable to the hook on the pedal. Thread the rest of the cable up through the hole in the base plate.

b. Start wrapping the cable around the pulley counterclockwise to the set screw. Put the cable through the notch and wrap it once, clockwise, around the cap screw in the pulley.

c. Bring the cable back through the notch and wrap it twice around the pulley counterclockwise. Be careful not to wrap the cable over itself. Hook the circular lug onto the cable spring. The spring should be stretched out. Try pushing the pedal a few times to make sure the cable returns the pedal to the rest position.

5. Lubricate the pivot pin, springs, cable, and pulley with dry Teflon spray before you put the assembly back in the simulator.

6. Install the pedal in the simulator and re-connect the harness. Make sure the ground wire is attached.

7. Go to the Set Controls screens in the self-test and re-initialize all the controls.

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