Seat Assembly

The movement of the seat is controlled by the seat adjust button on the dashboard and by the simulator itself. When the simulator is in the attract mode, the seat moves freely. When the key is turned to start the drive, the seat is locked, unless the seat adjust button is pushed and held while the seat is moved.

For safety reasons, the seat can be pushed out of the simulator only so fast, so spectators won't be hurt. If the driver pushes the seat very hard to get out, the seat magnet will engage and slow the seat as it turns

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The seat assembly should not require many repairs, and does not require any regular maintenance, other than checking for obstructions around the seat movement area. If you have difficulties with the seat, check Table 3-10, Troubleshooting the Seat Assembly.

Replacing the Seat Rod End Bearings

Replace both rod ends if you have difficulty rotating the seat, or the seat squeaks as it rotates. The seat assembly is shown in Figure 3-15.

1. Take off both end plates of the mounting box. Each end plate is held on by four tamperproof screws. Also remove the bottom cover on the mounting box.

2. The rod ends are attached to the pivot blocks with shoulder screws. Use an Allen-head wrench and a flat wrench to remove the screws and nuts.

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