2 Precautions Concerning Installation Location

This product is an indoor game machine. Do not install it outside. Even indoors, avoid installing in places mentioned below so as not to cause a fire, electric shock, injury and or malfunctioning.

• Places subject to rain or water leakage, or places subject to high humidity in the proximity of an indoor swimming pool and or shower, etc.

• Places subject to direct sunlight, or places subject to high temperatures in the proximity of heating units, etc.

• Places filled with inflammable gas or vicinity of highly inflammable/volatile chemicals or hazardous matter.

• Sloped surfaces.

• Places subject to any type of violent impact.

• Vicinity of anti-disaster facilities such as fire exits and fire extinguishrs.

• The operating (ambient) temperature range is from 5°C to 30°C.


• Be sure to check the Electrical Specifications.

Ensure that this product is compatible with the location's power supply, voltage and frequency requirements.

A plate describing Electrical Specifications is attached to the product. Non-compliance with the Electrical Specifications can cause a fire and electric shock.

• This product requires the Breaker and Earth Mechanisms as part of the location facilities. Using them in a manner not independent can cause a fire and electric shock.

• Ensure that the indoor wiring for the power supply is rated at 3.5 A or higher (AC single phase 100~120 V area). Non-compliance with the Electrical Specifications can cause a fire and electric shock.

• Be sure to independently use the power supply equipped with the Earth Leakage Breaker. Using a power supply without the Earth Leakage Breaker can cause an outbreak of fire when earth leakage occurs.

• Putting many loads on one electrical outlet can cause generation of heat and a fire resulting from overload.

• When using an extension cord, ensure that the cord is rated at 3.5 A or higher (AC 100~120 V area). Using a cord rated lower than the specified rating can cause a fire and electric shock.


For transporting the machine into the location's building, the minimum necessary dimensions of the opening (of doors, etc.) are 1 m (W) and 1.7 m (H).

• For the operation of this machine, secure a minimum area of 34.5 in. (W) x 78 in. (D). In order to prevent injury resulting from the falling down accident during game play, be sure to secure the minimum area for operation.

• Be sure to provide sufficient space so as to allow this product's ventilation fan to function efficiently. To avoid machine malfunctioning and a fire, do not place any obstacles near the ventilation opening.

• SEGA shall not be held responsible for damage, compensation for damage to a third party, resulting from the failure to observe this instruction.

Electric current consumption MAX. 3.5 A (AC 120 V 60 Hz)

*NOTE: Picture may differ from actual unit.
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