Q Ensure that the product meets the requirements of appropriate Electrical Specifications

Before installing the product, check for Electrical Specifications. SEGA products have a nameplate on which Electrical Specifications are described. Ensure that the product is compatible with the power supply voltage and frequency requirements of the location. Using any Electrical Specifications different from the designated Specifications can cause a fire and electric shock. Q Install and operate the product in places where appropriate lighting is available, allowing warning labels to be clearly read.

To ensure safety for the customers, labels and printed instructions describing potentially hazardous situation are applied to places where accidents can be caused. Ensure that where the product is operated has sufficient lighting allowing the warnings to be read. If any label is peeled off, apply it again immediately. Please place an order with where the product was purchased from or the office herein stated. O When handling the Monitor, be very careful. (Applies only to the product w/monitor.)

Some of the monitor (TV) parts are subject to high tension voltage. Even after running off power, some portions are still subject to high tension voltage sometimes. Monitor repair and replacement should be performed only be those technical personnel who have knowledge of electricity and technical expertise. O Be sure to adjust the monitor (projector) properly. (Applies only to the product w/monitor.)

Do not operate the product leaving on-screen flickering or blurring as it is. Using the product with the monitor not properly adjusted may cause dizziness or a headache to an operator, a player, or the customers.

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