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A. Game Inspection

A. Game Inspection

Check before plugging the game in !

The game"MARIO BROS." is shipped ready for operation, but a last visual check should be made to insure the final touch of quality control. Please check the following to help us insure that your new game was delivered to you in good condition.

(1) Check the exterior of the game for shipping damage, dents, chips, or broken parts.

(3) Unlock and open the Rear Panel, as well as the Service Door inspect the interior of the game as follows:

(a) Check that Plug-in connectors are firmly connected.

(b) Check that Plug-in integrated circuits on the Game PCB are firmly connected in their sockets.

(c) Check that all major subassemblies such as the Power Supply, Operation Panel, and Video Monitor are properly mounted.

(d) Remove the tie-wrap that holds the coiled Power Cord on the inside cabinet wall. Check the cord for any cuts or dents in the insulation.

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