525 System Assignments

If the CABINET TYPE and MONITOR TYPE settings are unsuitable for the connected game, an error message is displayed after turning power on and upon finishing TEST mode, and the game is not playable.

Allows cabinet and board settings to be changed. Refer to Section for changing the game related assignments such as game difficulty. Factory settings are shown in BOLD type.

1. Press the SERVICE button to move the cursor to the desired item.

2. Press the TEST button to change the setting.

3. Upon finishing the settings, move the cursor to EXIT and press the TEST button.

(A) CABINET TYPE (1PLAYER(S), 2PLAYER(S), 3PLAYER(S), 4PLAYER(S)) - set the number of players between one and four.

(B) ADVERTISE SOUND (ON, OFF) - Set whether ADVERTISE sound is to be emitted or not.

MONITOR TYPE (HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL) - sets the on-screen display to the orientation of the monitor. The TEST MODE allows the functioning of each part of the machine to be checked. In addition game configuration and coin configuration changes can be made within TEST MODE.

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