New Parts

The Missile Command™/Cabaret game has four new parts. If you have worked on Atari games in the past, then you should be aware of these important differences. The new parts are:

• 14-Inch Color TV Monitor. Made to Atari specifications by either Matsushita or Sanyo, it has high reliability, a compact size, and should maintain its color convergence for a long period of time.

• Power Supply Assembly. It covers a wider voltage range than before, has higher reliability, a smaller overall size, and all fuse numbers and fuse amperages are marked directly on the metal chassis. Its transformer includes isolation windings, so no separate isolation transformer is needed.

• Cabaret Cabinet Design. This more compact cabinet was designed to occupy less than 4 square feet of floor space.

• Mini-Trak Ball™ Assembly. The widely used Trak Ball Assembly has been redesigned and scaled down for use in Atari's compact Cabaret and cocktail-table games.

These new parts, as well as all other major parts in the game, are illustrated in Figure 1. Throughout this manual, wherever one of these new parts is mentioned, you will see this symbol:

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