If a dollar bill validator is desired the Mars upstacker AE2411 is recommended

The information in this manual is current at time of its release.

Fill out and mail in the game Registration card. Be sure to include the game serial number. For your records, write the game serial in the manual.

Serial Number_

MIDWAY Games Inc. reserves the rights to make modifications and improvements to its products. The specifications and parts identified in this manual are subject to change without notice.


Section One - Operation and Troubleshooting

Safety Notices 1-2

Set-up Procedure 1-3

Inspection and Installation 1-3

Location Requirements 1-3

Cabinet Assembly Diagrams 1-5

Servicing 1-6

Game Features 1-8

Starting-up 1-8

Player Controls 1-8

Control Panel Diagram 1-8

Game Operation 1-9

Control Switches 1-9

Control Switch Location Diagram 1-9

Menu System Operation 1-10

Operation 1-10

Main Menu 1-10

Diagnostic Tests 1-11

Switch Test 1-11

DIP Switch Table and Test 1-12

System Test and Sound Test 1-13

Monitor Patterns 1-14

Burn-in Test 1-15

Mechanical Counter Test 1-16

Coin Bookkeeping 1-16

Game Audits 1-17

Game Adjustments 1-18

Standard Pricing Table 1-19

Custom Pricing Table 1-20

Utilities 1-23

System Information 1-24

Volume Adjust 1-25

Section Two - Farts Information

Cabinet Front - View 1 2-2

Cabinet Front - View 2 2-3

Cabinet Rear View 2-4

Rear Door Parts 2-5

Pushbutton, Joystick Detail 2-6

Control Panel & Housing Parts 2-7

Coin Door Parts 2-8

Power Supply 2-9

CPU Board 2-10

Other Parts Necessary 2-11

Line Cord Application Chart, Coin Door Chart 2-12

Section Three - Cabinet Wiring

JAMMA Chart 3-2

Power Wiring 3-3

Cabinet Wiring Diagram 3-4

Coin Door Wiring for Electronic Coin Acceptor Systems (C220) 3-5

Section Four - Troubleshooting

Game Appears Completely Non-functional 4-2

Marquee Lamp is Non-functional 4-2

Monitor Appears Non-functional 4-2

Sound is Non-functional 4-2

Video Game Appears Non-functional 4-3

The Video Screen Exhibits Loss of Sync or Horizontal Tearing 4-3

The Audio Sounds Distorted, Muffled, or Missing Frequencies 4-3

The Game Enters Power-on Diagnostics, But Doesn't Enter Normal Game Play 4-4

© Copyright 1997 MIDWAY GAMES INC.

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