Safety Notices

The following safety instructions apply to all game operators and service personnel. Specific warnings and cautions will be found throughout this manual where they apply. We recommend that you read this page before preparing your game for play.___________


HANDLING ELECTRONIC DEVICES: This product uses complex electronic components that are SENSITIVE to static electricity. The following precautions must be observed and followed prior to handling any of the electronics that make up this game.

1) Discharge any static electricity build up in your body by touching the safety ground stud of the power supply chassis. This is to be done PRIOR to touching or handling the electronic assemblies.

2) Store the electronic assemblies in an anti-static area. Anti-static bags are to be used to store the CPU


3) DO NOT remove or connect any electronic assemblies when the cabinet power is turned on. Doing so will damage the electronic assemblies and void the warranty.

TRANSPORTING GAME: This game contains fragile electronic devices. Do not move this game with power turned on. Transport this game securely. Avoid rough handling.

ISOLATION TRANSFORMER: This video game system does not utilize an isolation transformer. No isolation exists between the cabinet AC system and the external AC line.

PROPERLY GROUND THE GAME: To avoid electrical shocks, do not plug in the game until it has been inspected and properly grounded. MIDWAY games should only be plugged into a grounded 3-wire outlet.

DISCONNECT POWER DURING REPAIRS: To avoid electrical shock, disconnect the game from the AC power source before removing or repairing any part of the game.

USE THE PROPER FUSE: To avoid electrical shock, the replacement fuse must match the original fuse in fuse type, voltage rating, and current rating.

DANGER OF EXPLOSION IF BATTERY IS INCORRECTLY REPLACED. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. Dispose of used batteries according to the manufacturer's instructions.

HANDLE FLUORESCENT TUBE AND CRT WITH CARE. If you drop a fluorescent tube or CRT and it breaks, it will implode! Shattered glass can fly eight feet or more from the implosion.

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