♦ Removal of the Marquee

Switch off power to the game. Remove the hex-head screws from the black marquee retaining strip located on top of the header. Remove the strip and carefully lift the marquee and the marquee glass from the top of the header. Store the marquee carefully to prevent damage.

♦ Removal of the Fluorescent Light Assembly

Switch off power to the game. Remove the marquee glass and the marquee. The fluorescent bulb is now accessible for replacement. Remove the plastic lamp locks. Grasp the bulb, give it a quarter turn, and remove it from its socket. Carefully, place a new bulb into the socket, and turn to reinstall.

To remove the entire light fixture, disconnect the fluorescent light assembly from its power cable. Remove the screws that hold the assembly to the cabinet then lift out the assembly.


If you drop a fluorescent tube and it breaks, it will implode! Use care in handling.

♦ Removal of the Speakers

Switch off power to the game. Remove the marquee and the marquee glass. The speakers come out from the front of the cabinet. Be sure to disconnect the cabling and remove the nuts on the mounting screws before attempting to remove the speakers from the enclosure. Carefully, reinstall the seals upon completing any task in the speaker enclosure.

♦ Servicing the Control Panel

Switch off power to the game and open the coin door. The control panel is held in place by two latches (located inside the cabinet) which provide constant pressure on the strikes. To release the latches, reach through the coin door opening toward the right and left sides of the cabinet. Lift the latch handle and unhook the wire fasteners. Grip the joysticks and carefully tilt the control panel back on its hinge.

To return the control panel to its normal position, carefully lean it forward until it rests on the cabinet. Be careful not to let the control panel slam down onto the cabinet, or to pinch any wires. Always re-clasp the latches.

♦ Removal of the Viewing Glass

Switch off power to the game and open the control panel. Loosen the three Phillips head screws and slide the black metal strip from the bottom of the viewing glass. Carefully slide the glass from the side grooves and lift it clear of the cabinet.

♦ Removal of the Monitor Bezel

Switch off power to the game. Open the control panel and remove the viewing glass. Lift the bezel off of the monitor.

♦ Monitor Replacement

We recommend that you read the SAFETY NOTICES section thoroughly before beginning this procedure.

Switch off power to the game. Remove the viewing glass and the monitor bezel. Completely disconnect the monitor from all of its cabling. Remove the four flange nuts securing the monitor's mounting flanges to its mounting panel. Pull the monitor carefully from the cabinet.

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