A Caution Check Power Supply Line Voltage Selector Switch Set the

110/220 VAC selector on the power supply for the correct local line voltage. Check the selector setting before switching on the game.

[ ] 10. Reinstall the rear door and close it. Lock the rear door and remove the key. If required, install the extra padlock through the hasp. Install the screws at the top and sides of the rear door. Tighten the screws snugly. Close and lock the cash box and coin doors.

NOTICE: For additional security, the factory provides tamper-resistant screws and a matching wrench with this game. You'll find four tamper-resistant screws and four wrenches in the spare parts bag. If desired, replace the original screws with the tamper-resistant screws. Tighten the screws firmly with the wrench.

[ ] 11. Move the game to its play location. Lower each leg leveler until the cabinet is stable and level. Adjust the levelers as required to raise wheels and distribute weight equally on each corner. Tighten the nuts.

[ ] 12. Plug the game into a grounded, 3-terminal, AC wall outlet. Switch on the game, using the switch at the top-left, rear of the cabinet. The game will power up and begin self-diagnostics. If diagnostics find no errors, the game enters its Attract Mode of operation. Unlock and open the coin door. Locate the control switches. Press TEST MODE to enter the Menu System.

[ ] 13. Select "MONITOR SETUP" at the Diagnostics Menu. Confirm proper video display operation and adjust the monitor as necessary.

[ ] 14. Select "DISK TESTS" at the Diagnostics Menu. Run all the tests in order to verify correct drive operation.

[ ] 15. Select "SWITCH TESTS" at the Diagnostics Menu. Check to be sure that all control switches work.

[ ] 16. Select "DIP-SWITCH TESTS" at the Diagnostics Menu. Verify that all switches are set to optimum positions for this game.

[ ] 17. Select "SPEAKER TEST" at the Diagnostics Menu. Verify operation of audio system components.

[ ] 18. Select "EXIT" at the Main Menu. The system should enter Game-Over Mode. Open the coin door and press the SERVICE CREDITS button to allow game play. Choose a joystick and press the START button to begin play. Listen to the audio while playing the game. Note sound irregularities (phase problems, no low frequencies, mono audio from stereo speakers, etc.). If necessary, check the wiring harness for internal shorts or strapped connections.

NBA Showtime Gold Edition / NFL Bun2000Gold Edition


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