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Bill Validator (DBV) Units

Cyber-currency. This adjustment assigns a number of "units" to each coin mechanism or bill acceptor. For instance, if a quarter buys 1 unit, then $1 buys 4 units. (See Coins per Bill.) You insert a coin into a 1-unit coin acceptor. The system, due to its programming, knows that your coin is worth one unit.

Units per Credit

How many units equal one credit. (Units buy credit, the price of one game.)

Units per Bonus

Units awarded when a player earns a bonus.

Minimum Units

Until this many units accumulate, the system awards no credits.

Credits to Start

Number of games a player must purchase to begin play.

Credits to Continue

Number of games a player must purchase to resume play.

Max Credits

Limits the number of credits that the game will accept.

Coins per Bill

How many coins one bill is worth.

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