Tv Monitor Adjustments

When making adjustments, follow these general guidelines:


For best results be sure the game has been turned on for a while before rpaking any TV monitor adjustments

The TV monitor should be adjusted only when the picture is distorted or if the contrast or brightness seems out of adjustment

The monitor s adjustments function like those of a conventional. home television set. except that the volume adjustment has no effect. Instead, the game produces its sound in circuits separate from the TV monitor. Figure 4-9 shows the location of the adjustments on both TV monitors used by Atari. Your game contains a TV monitor manufactured to Atari specifications by either Motorola or TEC Video electronics.

BRITF (Brightness) —Perform this adjustment before the contrast. Adjust so that the white lines covering the screen just barely disappear, when the brightness is turned up.

CONT (Contrast)—Adjust so that the images are as bright as possible against the dark background without being blurred.

HORIZ HOLD {Horizontal Hold) or HORIZ OSC (Horizontal Oscillator) — Adjust if the picture is slightly off-center horizontally, if the images appear warped, or il the picture is broken up into a series of diagonal lines. Adjust for a stable, centered picture

VERT HOLD (Vertical Hold}-This needs adjustment only if the picture appears to be rolling up or down the screen Adjust for a stable, centered picture.

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