Fuse Replacement

Orbit contains seven fuses, five on the power supply assembly in the lower part of the cabinet and two on the TV monitor assembly. Power supply fuses are accessible through the access door assembly. TV fuses are also ac-

Serco Fuse Fuse Type 3ag

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Figure 4-9 Locations of Adjustments on TV Chassis

The TV monitor adjustments are accessible through the rear door panel of the game cabinet. These adjustments have to be done while the game is energized Therefore, only persons familiar with safely measures and repair procedures on electrical equipment should perform them.

cessible through the access door Replace (uses only with the same type as follows:

Wells-Gardner 19V1001/22V1001 Monitors-3AG 1 5-amp SloBlo 3AG 0 75-amp Slo-Blo

TEC TM- 600/623 Monitors: 3AG 2-amp and 0.5-amp quick-blow. 250 volts

Motorola MS000/M7000 Monitors: 3AG 0 8-amp quick blow, 250 volts

Power Supply:

Fuses F1 and F2—3AG 3-amp slow-blow, 250 volts Fuses F3 and F4—3AG 2.5-amp slow-blow. 125 volts Fuse F5—3AG 8-amp fast-blow. 125 volts

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