Color Purity And Vertical Centering Adjustment

For best results, it is recommended that the purity adjustment be made in the final monitor location. If the monitor will be moved, perform this adjustment with it facing west or east. The monitor must have been operating 15 minutes prior to this procedure and the faceplate of the CRT must be at room temperature. The monitor is equipped with an automatic degaussing circuit. However, if the CRT shadow mask has become excessively magnetized, it may be necessary to degauss it with manual coil. Do not switch the coil OFF while the raster shows any effect from the coil. Purity Magnets are used for Color Purity and V Centering Adjustment.

Purity Adjustment procedure is as follows.

1. Remove R-G-B signal from monitor.

2. Turn Green Cut off Control (VR404) on the Neck Board fully CCW.

Turn Red and Blue Cut off Control (VR405) fully CW.

3. Pull the Deflection Yoke backward so that the Magenta belt will appear. (See Fig. 4)

4. Move the two Purity Magnets and bring the Magenta belt to the mechanical center of the screen (See Fig. 5) The vertical center position should be set VRS to —5/64" (—2 mm) as shown in Fig. 6.

Insert service tip "N" on Neck circuit board to "S" on Vert./Horiz. circuit board (See Fig. 13). To check, use the Green raster at low intensity. Be sure to return the service tips to their original positions for the next check.

5. Push the Deflection Yoke forward gradually and fix it at the place where the Magenta screen becomes uniform throughout.

6. Turn Cut off Control, and Drive Control and confirm that each color is uniform.

7. If the color is not uniform, re-adjust it moving Purity Magnets slightly.

8. Move a pair of Purity Magnets at the same time (do not change the angle of the pair), and adjust the vert, center to center of screen.

9. Obtain the three colors and confirm whether white uniformity is balanced.

10. Insert the temporary wedge as shown in Fig. 5 and adjust the angle of Deflection Yoke.

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