Game Inspection

All Exidy equipment is carefully packaged in well-padded cardboard containers to prevent damage during shipment. Before signing the delivery receipt, you should follow this procedure:

1. Check for obvious damage and make certain that the physical piece count of the shipment matches the piece count on the bill of lading. These two procedures should always be done before signing the delivery receipt.

2. Shortages and/or obvious damage to the packaging on any given shipment should be noted in writing on the delivery receipt before signing for the delivery.

3. If concealed damage is suspected on any shipment, those packages believed to contain the damaged goods should be opened in the presence of the delivery driver. If the goods have sustained concealed damage, a description of said damage should be noted in writing on the delivery receipt before signing for the delivery.

4. Never apply power to any game with noticeable damage.

1. Filing a Claim

To file a claim, follow this procedure:

1. Any and all damaged freight, including packaging, should be retained by the consignee until a physical inspection of said freight can be made by a representative of the carrier involved.

2. The Claims Manager for the carrier involved should be notified as soon as possible, after the damaged goods are received. Preferably, the carrier's Claims Manager should be notified within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt of the goods by the consignee.

3. If warranted, a written claim should be filed with the carrier involved. A detailed description of the damage(s) should be provided and copies of all supporting documents, including bill of lading and/or delivery receipt, inspection report, and invoice, should be attached.

4. The sooner a claim is filed, the better for all parties concerned. The carrier against which a claim is filed is required, by law, to respond to (acknowledge) that claim within thirty (30) days of receiving same and must reach a final disposition in the matter within one hundred twenty (120) days.

2. Visual Inspection

1. Remove the rear access door with the appropriate packaged key.

2. Examine each major and electrical component thoroughly for scrapes, dents, broken or missing parts and loose or missing screws.

3. Check for loose cable connectors.

4. Visually verify that all the integrated circuit devices (IC's) plugged into sockets are properly seated and that no IC pins are bent or misaligned.

If you find any damage during this inspection, file a claim with the carrier. Send a complete report of the damage to Exidy Inc.


Planning the location of the game should involve both physical and electrical considerations. Such physical considerations concern the placement of the equipment with respect to these clearances:

Height: 72.50 inches, 184.2 cm. Width: 25.50 inches, 64.8 cm. Depth: 31.00 inches, 78.7 cm.

An indoor, relatively dust-free environment is necessary, with proper conditions required of any electrical component. Electrical considerations include availability of an AC outlet with the correct voltage and frequency. You should consider the working space required for technicians and operators incuding access to the rear of the game.


The cabinet must be within five feet of an AC outlet. Be certain that a ground jack or terminal is available at the outlet.


DO NOT remove the AC ground prong from the plug. Doing so voids your warrantyl


After properly installing PEPPER II we suggest following this procedure to check its operation:

1. Plug the AC jack into the AC outlet.

2. Once powered up, after five seconds of silence, a quick beep sounding like an organ chord, is heard. This is part of the Exidy Audio Diagnostic Test. A single beep indicates all is well with the audio board. If more than one beep is heard, consult Part II, Automatic Diagnostic Test Mode.

3. Allow 8-10 seconds to pass for the CRT to warm up.

4. Observe the TV monitor display to assure the correct attract mode is present on the screen, as described in Part II B, Attract Mode. If the PEPPER II™ display is incorrect, contact Exidy Customer Service Department.

5. Insert the appropriate coin or token into either of the coin slots. All the messages in the attract mode will flash the following line:


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