Inspecting the Game


To avoid electrically shocking yourself and damaging the game electronics, do not plug in the game until it has been inspected and set up for your line voltage.

This cabinet should be connected to a grounded three-wire outlet only. If you have only two-wire outlets, we recommend that you hire a licensed electrician to install grounded outlets. Players can receive an electrical shock if the cabinet is not properly grounded.

Inspect your Pit-Fighter game carefully to ensure that the game is complete and was delivered to you in good condition.

Inspect the cabinet as follows:

1. Examine the exterior of the cabinet for dents, chips, or broken parts.

2. Open the service door. Unlock and open the coin doors. Inspect the interior of the cabinet as follows:

a. Check that all plug-in connectors on the cabinet harnesses are firmly plugged in. Do not force connectors together. The connectors are keyed so they fit only in the proper orientation. A reversed connector can damage a printed-circuit board (PCB). This will void your warranty.

b. Ensure that all plug-in integrated circuits on each PCB are firmly plugged into their sockets.

c. Inspect the power cord for any cuts or dents in the insulation.

d. Inspect the power supply. Make sure that the correct fuses are installed. Check that the harness is plugged in correctly and that the fuse block cover is mounted in place. Check that the green ground wire are connected.

Table 1-1 Game Specifications



Power Consumption '

: .127 W

Line Fuse Rating

2 Amps ■■■■; ■

Line Voltage

: V102 to 132


5° to 38° C

1 lumidity

Not to exceed 95% relative

Width :





71.75 indies (182 era)


: 3251«^ptfWpf

e. Inspect other sub-assemblies, such as the video display, controls, printed-circuit boards (PCBs), and speakers. Make sure that they are mounted securely and that the ground wires are connected.

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