Motion Object Test

The motion object test screen, shown in Figure 2-8, tests the movement and color of various game objects. The most important part of this screen is the ROM status squares on the right side. The squares should all be green (indicating good motion object ROMs); red squares indicate bad ROMs.

Choose an object and move it or change it as follows:

Control: This action results:

Left joystick Left/right and up/down moves the object around on the screen.

Center joystick Up/down enlarges/shrinks the object.

Left Jump, Kick Selects one of the three motion objects (called 0, 1, and 2).

The playfield test screen, shown in Figure 2-9, tests the movement of the playfield.

Move the left joystick up, down, left, and right to check whether the whole picture moves accordingly. Press the left Punch button to go to the menu screen.

Figure 2-9 Playfield Test Screen

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