New FeaturesB Inspecting the Game

The Pole Position game has many new features.

Even if you are familiar with ATARI® games, you should note these important differences:

• Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Cage in U.S.-Built Cabinets Only. Games built after December 1, 1982, will have the CPU and Video printed-circuit boards (PCBs) mounted inside this cage. The EMI cage reduces interference from the game to television and radio receivers. See Figure 3-18 for details.

• American-Made Coin Door. Your game may be equipped with a new coin door. This door is very similar to the vertically mounted coin door, but does not have lockout coils. When ordering parts for your coin door, please check coin door illustrations in Figures 3-16 and 3-17 carefully to make sure you are ordering the correct part number.

• Steering-Wheel Control. This steering wheel is designed to provide a more realistic response from the race car on the display.

• Foot-Pedal Control (Accelerator and/or Brake).

These pedals have been redesigned to accommodate a snap-action switch for the brake and a potentiometer, turned by a spring and cable, for the accelerator.

• Metal Attraction Panel on Sit-Down Game Cabinet. The metal attraction panel mounted on top of the cabinet entices players with its Formula-1 racing graphics.

• Quadraphonic Sound in Sit-Down Cabinet. Four 4-ohm, 6-ounce, high-fidelity speakers (two under the control panel; two behind the seat) surround the player with the exciting and realistic sounds of Gran Prix racing.

New features and other major parts of the game are shown in Figures 1-1 and 1-2. Throughout this manual, wherever a new feature is mentioned, you

Please inspect your game carefully to ensure that it was delivered to you in good condition.

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