Setting the Option Switches

Settings of the game option switches are explained in Tables 1-1 and 1-2. Options preset at the factory are shown by the ■< symbols. However, you may change the settings according to your individual needs.

To verify option-switch settings, first set the power on/off switch to the off position and then to the on position. Next, set the self-test switch to the on position. Compare the information on the screen to the option switch settings listed in the tables in this section. Then set the self-test switch to the off position.

Table 1-1 describes the switch settings for options relating to game price, coin mechanism multipliers, number of laps per game, and number of seconds per lap. These switches are on the game CPU PCB at location 9 J A.

The multipliers (9JA switches 1-5) determine the value of the coin mechanisms to the game's logic. A coin mechanism is a device on the inside of the coin door that inspects the coin to determine if the correct coin has been inserted. The mechanism either accepts or rejects the coin. The coin door has two coin mechanisms.

The basic unit of measurement is a coin worth $.25 or 1 DM, which equals a multiplier of x1. For example, if you have a 2 DM/1 DM coin door, you may want to set the left multiplier at x2 and the right multiplier at x1.

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