Performing the Initial Self Test

This game will test itself and provide data to show that the game's circuitry and controls are operating properly. The data is provided on the video display and speakers. No additional equipment is necessary.

Wait at least 10 seconds after playing a game before switching to the Self-Test Mode. Otherwise, you may erase the top three scores in the high-score table or distort the statistics. All credits will be cancelled when you switch to self-test.

Refer to Figure 1-4 for the location of the option switches and Figure 3-15 for the location of the self-test switch. Set the self-test switch to the on position (see Figure 1-5) to see the Self-Test Display in the Self-Test Mode. To exit the Self-Test Mode, set the self-test switch to the off position.

The complete self-test procedure is explained in Chapter 2, B. Self-Test Procedure. If a part of the test described in Table 1-3 fails, refer to Chapter 2.

We suggest you perform the self-test procedure when you first set up the game, when you collect money from the game, when you change game options, or when you suspect game failure.


Do not depress the accelerator or brake pedal when turning on the game or switching to the Self-Test Mode. This will cause faulty program initialization and incorrect action of the player controls.

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