Selftest Mode

The Self-Test mode is a special mode for checking the game switches and computer functions. It is the easiest and best way to check for proper operation of the entire game.

When in the Self-Test mode you will see a CURSOR (arrow pointing to the right) at the left edge of the monitor screen. To position the CURSOR, use the right hand (1 PLAYER) "A" — "B" — "C" Control Buttons. The "B" Button is used to select/exit a function indicated by the CURSOR. The "A" Button is used to move the CURSOR up the left hand side of the monitor screen while the "C" Button is used to move the CURSOR down the left hand side of the monitor screen.

To exit the Self-Test mode, turn the Self-Test Switch to the "OFF" position, move the CURSOR to any of the following words: "REPEAT", "RETURN", or "EXIT" (the exact wording depends on the test level you are in), and press the "B" Button.

Displays of test results will generally take one of two forms: 1) a display of colored rectangles, or 2) the words "GOOD", "BAD" or "OK". In the colored rectangle displays, generally GREEN means GOOD and RED means BAD. Failures of any of the CIRCUITRY TESTS will probably require P.C. Board swapping in the field to determine the defective Board which can then be repaired later.


In the ROM TESTS-SUPER GAME CARD, empty EPROM Sockets X10 through X17 (displayed as "K" through "S" in the test) may be indicated to be "EMPTY" or "BAD". Either indication is correct because there is nothing (no electronic parts) in these positions.

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