1 Attract Mode

The Attract Mode begins when you turn the power on/off switch on, or after a Play, High-Score, or Self-Test Mode.

The Attract Mode consists of a series of five screens. In the first screen the word QUANTUM appears in the center of the screen and increases in size. Credits (if any) appear at the bottom of the screen.

The second screen instructs the player how to play the game.

^ The third screen gives the player a chance to actually play the game without inserting a coin! The screen displays TRY CAPTURING THIS ATOM and MOVE THE TRAKBALL.

The fourth screen displays the day's top score and the high-score table.

The fifth screen displays the word QUANTUM, the highest score, and previous game score(s) at the top of the screen. A simulated game is in the center of the screen. If the game has no credits, the words INSERT COINS appear. If the game has credit(s), a message instructs a player to press the appropriate start button. The Atari copyright message, number of lives, credits, and level of game play appear at the bottom of the screen.

When enough credit(s) is inserted for a 1- or 2-player game, the appropriate 1- or 2-player LED flashes. When the player presses the flashing LED start button, the Select Mode begins.

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