6. Control Panel

Moves rocket launcher left when depressed Moves rocket launcher right when depressed

Fires rocket launcher when depressed (rocket must clear top of screen or destroy an aircraft or bomb before another rocket can be fired)

When momentarily depressed, game is initialized for one player only. Game continues until all rocket launchers are destroyed. Player and score is displayed on the upper left side of TV monitor.

When momentarily depressed, game is initialized for two players. Game is interrupted for first player when one of his rocket launchers is destroyed, and then ltitlalized for second player. When second player looses a rocket launcher, game returns to point of interruption of first player, etc. Game continues until both players loose all their rocket launchers. Score of each player is displayed on top of TV monitor. Top score of day is displayed on top of TV monitor.

Coin door Accepts coins in either slot, and all coins accepted are displayed as credits on lower rij,ht-hand side of TV monitor to a total of 99 credits. Depressing J :*LAYEH pushbutton on control panel subtracts one credit from total, ^«pressing 2 PLAYERS pushbutton subtracts two credits from total. Additional coins must be inserted to play gaaie «hen credits displayed total 00.

Power on/off Located on top of cabinet adjacent right rear corner. Controls Switch power to machine.

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