Video Game Tester Jobs Review

This is a platform that lets you play a game and earn some money. You can join to play new and unreleased games, take online surveys, participate in focus groups, try new games, gaming consoles or controllers, preview new movie or game trailer, or review new games on an hourly basis.

The platform features games from notable brands such as Rockstar, Nintendo, EA, GAMELOFT, BUNGIE, ARARI, MOJANG, and many more.

Video Game Tester is simply like working online. It is perfect for unemployed, those who want to earn from the side, or if you are just bored and want to pass some times by playing video games.

Big gaming companies usually hire people to test and review their video games for glitches. They want honest feedback from testers so they can make changes before launching the game or for future references. The testers are usually paid a fortune just to identify bugs and glitches in a game.

Video game testing is among the main processes of video game development. The developers of the games tend to be blinded by what they do, so they would hire someone from outside to provide an unbiased opinion. Most developers are not necessarily gamers, and they would not know how to interact with the game from the user standpoint of view.

This platform is easy to join and use. Simply create an account, choose the job, play and get paid. It offers numerous opportunities to users besides juts testing games. The best thing about it is that you get to work from the comfort of your own home. It provides a great opportunity to earn loads of money without breaking a sweat.

Using this platform, you will be doing something you love and get paid for it. It is like getting paid for doing a hobby.

The collection of games ranges from mind-boggling, racing, and full-packet action with lots of explosives.

Who Can Use The Platform?

You don’t need any prior experience in game reviewing field to use this platform. Nevertheless, you need to be enthusiastic about video games to ensure you offer a useful critique. It is a great platform for a gamer to join and enjoy playing their favorite games and get paid.

However, there are fundamental skills that you need to possess to be able to become a great video tester. Being detail-oriented is an important skill to have, as you will require to pick up little things in the game that passed the eyes of the developers.

You will need a little creativity too to be able to taste the game using different approaches. Another crucial skill you need to have is being a good communicator. Remember you need to communicate your findings to the company in a language that is easy to understand for them to make the necessary changes.

How Does The Platform Work?

The platform is very simple to use, with simple processes. Companies are actively looking for your opinion about their next video release before publishing them to the public.

These companies are already spending millions on making the branding and marketing the game. Thus, it only makes sense to them to know if the person the game is intended to can enjoy playing it.

For these reasons, games are published on Video Game Tester to be tried and tested by video game buffs like you so you can provide your feedback. You select the job you want to do, for example, participating in focus groups, playing new and unreleased games, trying game consoles and controllers, review a game, or take an online survey.

After you submit your reviews or surveys and follow all the instructions, you get paid.

Benefits Of Video Game Tester

When you join this platform, you will instantly start playing games, taking surveys, or participating in support forums. The more you participate or play the games, the more you increase your rewards or points, which you can redeem in exchange of:

  • Cash (for testing games- mobile games, PC games, or on console)
  • Receive free games alongside a copy of the released version of the game that you have tested.
  • Receive free gaming accessories for participating on gaming surveys and product testing jobs.
  • Xbox live points and vouchers for participating in online beta games.
  • Get Razer products like gaming mouse, gaming led keyboards and more.
  • Random gifts such as mugs, USB, power banks, and corporate giveaways.
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • Amazon gift cards
  • PlayStation Plus vouchers and points
  • Free Netflix subscription


Below are some of the benefits you get after joining the Video Game Tester Jobs. You will quickly discover how easy it is to interact with the platform, creating a profile, and socializing with other gamers worldwide.

  • No bosses, you work on your terms
  • No strict schedules
  • No unrealistic deadlines
  • Easy to use
  • Get paid to play new and unreleased games
  • Earn by taking simple online surveys
  • Preview new movie or game trailers and earn
  • Contribute to focus groups and get paid


  • You need to have your equipment to be able to work as a video game tester
  • You need to possess certain skills to succeed as video game tester


Video Game Tester Jobs is a great platform for gamers to enjoy games and get paid. The positive reviews about the site indicate that it is a genuine platform. if you are a gamer and would like to earn some few bucks on your spare time, then I recommend you join Video Game Tester Jobs.

Video Game Tester Jobs
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