Properly Attach All Connectors. Make sure that the connectors on each printed circuit board (PCB) are properly plugged in. The connectors are keyed to fit only one way. If they do not slip on easily; do not force them, if you reverse a connector, it may damage your game and void your warranty.

Ensure the Proper AC Line Frequency.

Video games manufactured for operation on 60 Hz line power (used in the United States) must not be operated in countries with 50 Hz line power (used in Europe). If a 60 Hz machine operates on 50 Hz line power, the fluorescent line ballast transformer will overheat and cause a potential fire hazard. Check the product identification label on your machine for the line frequency required.


In Atari publications, notes, cautions and warnings have the following meaning:

NOTE — A highlighted piece of information.

CAUTION — Equipment and/or parts can be damaged or destroyed if instructions are not followed. You will void the warranty on Atari printed-circuit boards, pa its thereon, and video displays if equipment or parts are damaged or destroyed due to failure of following instructions.

WARNING — Players and/or technicians can be killed or injured if instructions are not followed.

1 Installation \ J J P

Color Test 2-6

Convergence Test 2-7

ISound Test 2-7

|ASIC65 Test 2-7

Cabinet Equipment Requirements» M4:zzMD I^O II OiCSU OOtiflQ CI fid nr__t_ »»____!___i 0 £3 m~/6*!*ril'If T

Installation i 1-6


Preparing the Cabftet for the Assembling the Qjntrol Panel

Installing the Foot Pedal | 1-8

Installing the Road Riot 4WD*Board Set 1-9

Install in C'ihe Bezel, Decals, Labels, and Attraction '

Assembly j 1-9

Setting the Coin sod &ame Options..,« 1-10

Earnings ii |-10


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