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Schematic Notes

Unless otherwise specified Resistance: (ft) (K— K£2, M-^Mi2), 1/4 (W) carbon resistor Capacitance: 1 or higher-»- (pF), less than 1-»- tyF) working voltage 50 (V) ceramic capacitor Inductance: (fH) Electrolytic Cap: Capacitance Value (fF)/working voltage (V), NP -*- non-polar (or bipolar) electrolytic cap. Refer to the parts list for additional component information.

% indicates test point connection

X indicates chassis ground unless otherwise specified

Hz indicates cycles per second

For safety purposes (and continuing reliability) A replace all components marked with safety symbol with identical type.

Parts identification on circuit boards: e.g. SU1126A (R107 = R1107) SU3030A (R113 = R3113)

Outside of Hit P.C.B. Ass'y

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