Wear safety glasses when drilling the plastic control panel cover. Use care to avoid shattering or chipping the plastic.

6. Tape or glue the template to the plexiglass cover. To stan the saber saw cut, drill a 1/2" hole inside the "B" and each "C" hole.

7. Saw out the large hole "B" and both "C" holes.

8. Drill the four 5/16" holes that will be used to mount the cover to the control panel.

9- To prevent injury, carefully deburr ail the edges of the plexiglas cover.

10. Install the control panel decal on die control panel. Use a sharp X-ACTO knife to trim the outside edge and to cut out the holes for the controls.

11. Install the cover on the control panel with the four 3/4"-long carriage bolts, washers, and locknuts.

12. Install the midi Trak-Ball assembly using the four 3"-long carriage bolts. Install the two button assemblies and the indicator plates.

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