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The block diagram in Figure 4-1 shows the major parts of the Skydiver game

The game's television monitor is a self-contained solid-state unit. The composite video sent to the monitor differs in many respects from the signal derived from commercial TV broadcasts. Vhe picture appearing on the screen, therefore, is unlike that of a home TV set, and the monitor docs not produce any sound See Chapter 6 for a schematic diagram of the TV monitor.

The game's composite video signal produces four video levels, instead of the continuous shades of grey seen on a home I V screen.

On the game PCB schematic diagram. Figure 4-2, the symbol "P" (appearing at various inputs of integrated circuit devices) indicates a connection of + 5 volts DC through a pull-up resistor For easy reference, the game PCB is divided into grid sections Along the short side of the board these sections are identified by letters A through P (skipping letters C, I, O and Q bccause they may be easily confused with the numbers 6,10, and 0 respectively) Along the long side of the board the numbers 1 through 13 are used.

Figure 4 3 is a harness schematic of the entire Skydiver game. This figure illustrates how all electrical and electronic assemblies are electrically connected together.

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