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This subsection provides a technical description of the Sprint 2 electronic circuitry. Section IX of this manual contains schematic diagrams, assembly drawings, and parts lists referred to in the following subparagraphs of this section.

On the Sprint 2 PCB schematic diagram, drawing number 005922, the symbol P (appearing at various inputs of the integrated circuits) indicates a connection to +5VDC through one of the pull-up resisters R1, R2, R4, R33, or R38.

For easy reference, the Sprint 2 PCB is divided into 126 sections. These sections are identified by letters A through R (skipping letters G, I, O, and Q because they may be easily confused with numbers 6,1, and 0 respectively) for the short side of the PCB and numbers 1 through 9 for the long side of the PCB. For example, sheet 1 of 5 of drawing number 005922 illustrates a NAND buffer R9 at the upper left hand corner of the drawing. The component hardware of NAND buffer R9 will be found at coordinates R and 9 on the PCB.

The following circuitry discussion is separated into two sections; the microcomputer circuitry and the game circuitry. Figure 4-1 is a block diagram of the entire Sprint 2 PCB.

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