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Figure 2-2 illustrates the TV monitor display during the ready-to-play mode before the START button is pressed. The insertion of the proper coins in the coin mechanism initiates this mode. When the coins clear the coin acceptor the display stops the automatic track changes, the easiest track is displayed, and the cars line up at the starting line.

In the ready-to-play mode the game reacts only to the START button. Pressing the START button places the game in the play mode.


When the START button is pressed, a motor sound from the speaker begins. The TV monitor display is the same as the ready-to-play mode, except (1) the instruction PUSH START BUTTON disappears from the bottom of the display and (2) the game timer begins counting down from 100 (see Figure2-3). Point requirements for extended play will also be displayed on the TV monitor screen during the play mode. (See Table 1-1 for specifics on extended play.)

When the play mode is initiated the player controls are activated. As the player advances his or her white car around the track, a score is tallied at the top of the TV monitor viewing screen. Two points are awarded for passing each of the five checkpoint areas on the track. The five checkpoint areas are not identified on the TV monitor display.

When the game timer reaches zero, a "freeze" mode is initiated for approximately ten seconds. The TV monitor display is the same as in the play mode, except (1) all car motion is "frozen," (2) the words

GAME OVER flash across the top of the TV monitor display, and (3) driver rating words GRANNY, ROOKIE, or PRO appear at the bottom of the display. After ten seconds the game will go back into the attract mode.

Figure 2-1 Attract Mode

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