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Game time—150 seconds Game time—120 seconds Game time— 90 seconds Game time— 60 seconds

Time 150 Time 120 Time 90 Time 60

an aluminum box with small holes.) On one end of the box is a printed circuit board with an edge connector coming from the edge of the board.

3. Remove the five pan-head Phillips screws from each of the long sides (total often screws) of the RF shield assembly.

4. Carefully remove the PCB from the RF shield assembly.

5. Set the switches for the desired options, as shown in Table 1-1.

6. Reinstall the PCB following Steps 1 through 4 in reverse order. Do not force or bend the printed circuit board. Before reinstalling, always inspect the printed circuit board for damage. Close and lock the rear access door.

7. Plug in the game and verify option functions by playing it.

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