Power Interconnects

The power supply D provides all voltages necessary for game operation.

Logic board drive is +5 volts ± 5% applied to pin 10 of the input power molex plug, & ground enters the logic board thru pin 4 to pins 1,5, and 6. The logic board will free run in the game attract mode with proper power applied.

The audio board accepts +25 volts on pin4 and -25 volts applied thru pin 6 to pin 8. Ground enters pin 7 and is trace connected to speaker return pin 5. Pin 9 accepts +5 volts DC.

Power for the display is + 25 volts thru pin 6 of its molex plug to pin 5 and -25 volts on pin 8. The CRT filament voltage of 6.3 V.A.C. enters the display electronics through pins 1 & 7 via a twisted pair of wires from the supply. A full wave rectified, unfiltered spot kill level of approximately +25 volts is applied to pin 14. The assembly is grounded thru pin 15 to pin 12.

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