Probable Solutions

Coin Counter is Inoperative

Gives No Credits

Player Control Button (s) Inoperative

Check 2N6292 transistor on logic board with ohmeter or transistor tester. Verify proper operation of A4 by grounding A4 pin 1. Coin counter should click.

Disconnect coin counter molex connector. Measure DC voltage on red wire. Meter should read +25 volts DC.

Tie E4 pin 12 to ground. If credits fail to appear, replace E4. If credits appear, disconnect logic board ribbon connector J3. Measure +5 volts on A4 pins 1 & 5. If missing, replace pull up resistor pack C2.

Alternately ground A4 pins 1 & 5. If credits appear, problem is in switches on coin door. Verify proper coin door microswitch operation.

Reconnect J3. Observe A4 pins 3 & 6 alternately while depressing micro-switch lever on coin mechanism. Pins 3 & 6 should change states. Replace A4.

Replace F2 (74LS259) on logic board.

Refer to player control schematic in APPENDIX.

Verify with ohmeter proper closure of player control leaf blade switches.

Remove J3 connector. Measure +5 volts on D4 -1, 2, 3, 4,12,13,14,15. If missing, replace D4. Replace pull up resistor pack D2.

Measure +5 volts on C4 - 1, 2,3, 4,12,13,14,15. If missing, replace C4. Replace pull up resistor pack C2.

Coin up a game and, with J3 disconnected, ground aforementioned pins on C4 & D4. If display responds problem is in continuity from J3 to player control switches.

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