Screen display target lock on

after the fuel indicator reaches zero The player can only get one bonus for each 300 fuel units he buys.

The coin accumulator keeps track of the coins a player has spent. STARFIRE maintains twenty high scores: one for players who have only inserted one coin, a second for two-coin players, and so on. Players who spend /more than twenty coins are lumped together in Ihe twenty-coin score.

When a player finishes playing, STARFIRE counts the coins he has spent and compares his point score to the appropriate high score If he has topped that score, the game asks him for his initials (one. two. or three letters); as long as his high score stands, his initials will be on the attract mode score table. If switch 7 of the DIP switch is ON, the score table will stay on screen as long as the laser fire button is pressed {see Section IV, Operator Adjustments).

Every third coin a player spends buys double playtime. That is. STARFIRE awards four coins worth of playtime for each three coins spent.

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