Control Inputs Screen

Check this screen as part of your regular maintenance to be sure the potentiometers and switches are operating correctly.

The Control Inputs screen is shown in Figure 2-10. This screen shows the voltage inputs from the control potentiometers to the A/D converter circuits on the Multisync PC board. As you use a control, the line length on the screen changes, showing the change in the voltage input from the potentiometer. If the line length does not change, you have a problem. Check Chapter 3 for troubleshooting and repair information. The first control on the screen is the volume control (ignore any unlabeled lines in the top half of the screen). The volume control line shows the movement of the volume potentiometer. As you turn the volume control, the line should change.

The middle portion of the screen lets you test the left and right coin switches, the Real Heli Flight switch, the Rump Thump solenoid, and the Real Heli Flight lamp. Activating any of these five controls should make the appropriate words on the screen turn green.

Figure 2-10 Control Inputs Screen

The bottom portion of the screen lets you test the joystick, collective, and rudder foot pedal. (The joystick movement is checked with two lines.) As you use the controls, the lines should become longer and shorter. If the line does not move, then see Chapter 3 for more information.

If the volume control line or any of the bottom four lines are extremely jittery, either that pot is bad or the pot mounted in the control is loose. For these controls, 0 Volts input appears as no line or a short line on the screen and 15 Volts appears as many lines across the screen.

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