Entering and Exiting the Self Test

You enter and exit the automated self-test procedure by turning the self-test switches on or off. The switches are located inside the coin door (a separate switch for each player station). The self-test consists of:

• A five-minute automated self-test of the ROM, RAM, the microprocessor, and the PC boards

• A Test menu from which you can run specific tests in case you receive error messages


If you are running a specific test and turn off the self-test switch to exit, you may need to proceed through all the screens in the submenu before you return to the attract mode.

I Problem or Type

Explanation 1

Automated Self-Test

When you switch on the self-test, the automated self-test Is performed. This tests the program RAM and ROM and the PCBs. You can skip the self-test by pressing and holding the zoom button as soon as you enter the self-test.

Test Menu

Appears after the automated self-test. Select tests and Information on this screen.

Regular Maintenance

Regularly do the following:

1. Do the automated self-test.

2. Check the Operator Screens.

3. Go to the Control Inputs screen to test the controls.

Game Set-Up

When you first set up your game, do the following:

1. Do the automated self-test.

2. Make sure the options on the Operator Screens are set correctly for your location, or set to the defaults. In particular, you should check the pot ranges on the Reset Pot Values screen.

3. Go to the Control Inputs screen to test the controls.

4. Set the clock, If necessary, using the Set Time screen.

Control Problem

1. Do the Reset Pot Values screen (select the Operator Screens menu item) to recalibrate the controls.

2. If that does not correct the problem, go to the Control Inputs screen and see if the Input from the control changes as you use the control.

3. Go to Chapter 3 and check the troubleshooting table and maintenance Information for that control.

Video Display Problem

Run through the Monitor Test Patterns screens, and compare them with the description later In this chapter.

Electronics Problems

1. Do the automated self-test.

2. Choose the Special Functions screen that applies to your problems: the GSP (Graphic Systems Processor), program ROM, DS III board, DSPCOM board, or sound board test.

Game Clock

Use the Set Time screen to set the Internal game clock.

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