10 Trouble Shooting

When it is believed that trouble has developed, always confirm the following items.

O Is the fuse intact ? (Always use a fuse of the designated rating), if the new fuse burns out , this will indicate that another component is defective.

O Are there any poor connections (connectors) or open circuits. Special care must be taken to ensure connectors are firmly inserted trouble due to faulty contacts can be considered from various sources.

Note: Always turn off the power when inserting or removing the connectors.

O There will be times when a normal picture will not appear when the power supply switch is turned on. As this may sometimes be corrected by a setting of the control circuit, turn power supply switch on and off several times.

O When testing meters, switches etc. with a tester, always first pull the IC board connectors.


QTime to replace motors

Motors must be replaced if the results as explained cannot be obtained by self tests (l)to(4) Replace the right and left mo-tors at the same time.

QHow to replace motors nj With the attached wrench for tamper-proof screws, remove the four screws holding the finder TD-2026 and the front mask TD-2016 together. (2) Remove the four spacer posts, and take the shutter out of the upper mechanism box. (3" Remove the two sensors fixed with two screws each.

Remove the two discs fixed with three screws each. (5, Remove the set screws and the flanges. ( 6! Remove the two screws and replace each motor.

QCautions on reassembly

Note that the motor on your left is 350-0183 (CW) and the motor on your right is 350-0184 (CCW) when replacing motors.

till en installing the sensors in procedure (3 )above, set the sensors so that the discs fit in the center of the concaves of the sensors. The periscope part can be pushed down as shown in(7J)in the next figure during reassembly.

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