About Mechanical Coin Counters

We have Ml Installed mechanical coin counters on this game for two reasons:

1. The bookkeeping program Is extremely accurate and Includes not only number of coins dropped and dollars earned but also the number of tests and coins In a given period. (See BOOKKEEPING In the DIAGNOSTICS section.)

2. These mechanical coin counters produce an Inductive "kick" that ir///damage components on the circuit board. Checkerboard video Is the most common problem. If this Is, In fact, your problem - take a look at the "Nhl not" signal on the master Z80 (pin 17). If a low output Is observed, try replacing U114 (74LS08) and/or U119 (74LS157).

MOT£: If you must install a mechanical coin counter, please use the following diagram. (Diodes may be 1N4001 to IN4004)

Ivan IRONMAN Stewart's

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