Assembly Instructions

1. Remove all parts from shipping containers and check them for damage. Notify your distributor (and the shipper) Immediately if you find any broken parts.

2. Detach and remove the pedal assembly from the inside of the main cabinet. Remove the two bolts (A) and blocks (B) from the bottom front of the main cabinet.

3. At this point, it is a good idea to lift the monitor plex and clean or dust from the monitor any debris which may have settled in shipment.

4. Remove the center (yellow) steering section from the control panel assembly by reaching through the hole in the bottom of the assembly and unfastening the three clips Inside. Attach the monitor plex retainer (C) to the control panel assembly. (The wing nut should be loose until the control panel assembly has been attached to the game cabinet.)

5. Position the control panel with the harness connectors hanging Into the main cabinet and secure the panel to the main cabinet by reaching through the front door and attaching the four clips provided.

6. Connect the control panel harness to the main harness, tighten the wing nut on the monitor plex retainer and reinstall the center steering section.

7. Feed the pedal harness through the center hole in the lower part of the cabinet and attach the pedal assembly using the bolts (A) and blocks (B) removed In step 2 REMOVE THE PEDAL ASSY. WHEN TRANSPORTING THE6AME.

8. Check through the cabinet for loose wires. Plug the game in and power-up. Check for smoke.

9. Go through jail diagnostics and game set-up procedures and PLAY THE 6AHE. If it works - don't fix it, just get it out there and

Do it m the dirt I

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