Processor Memory Test (cont.)

The percentage of field failures In these areas is very low, but when a problem does arise, it can be a bear to track down. This test samples the action of the processor section and notes any incongruities. WARNING: READ YOUR WARRANTY BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANY PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD REPAIRS.

Video Alignment Screens

The picture on the screen Is the most important and most neglected part of the game. It is a proven fact that a dirty, misaligned, or unfocused screen will cause a player to walk away even If the game is his/her favorite piece. A little elbow grease and a couple of minutes spent going through these adjustment screens will make a big difference In the cashbox. Use all three screens to adjust your picture and then go to the "Background Screens" section to make the game look "rich\

Cross-Hatch Screen (Figure 6)

Used to adjust focus, alignment, size (note x's In the corners) and contrast. Wavy vertical lines (see Inset) denote bad contrast. The background should be black and the lines solid white. If there appears to be an area of color on the screen (usually In one of the corners), your monitor probably needs "degaussing". This condition Is caused by moving the game with the power on. Although the monitor contains an internal degaussing mechanism, this mechanism might take a while to work and may not completely cure the problem. I recommend that you purchase a "degaussing coll" and carry It in your service vehicle. Degaussing doesn't take much time and It makes a big difference. Red and Green Screen (Figure 7)

Adjust the screen or brightness control so the green color bar shows faintly on the 1 level and use the red cutoff control to adjust the red bar to the same intensity. Blue and Miscellaneous Screen (Figure 8)

Use the blue cutoff control to make the gray color appear gray (not brownish). Adjust the red and green drive controls slightly, If necessary, to make the white block white.

Audio Subsystems Test (Figure 9)

The sounds are the second most Important feature of any game and In a game like "Super Off-Road" are essential to the feel of the game. The volume of sound Is, for the most part, dictated by the location and is thus a "given" but the quality of sound is a function of the program. This test will be of help in your quest to find those "odd" sounds or to remedy the lack of certain sounds.

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