New Features

The Tempest™/Cocktail game has five new features. Even if you are familiar with Atari games, you should note these important differences. The new features are:

• Color X-Y Video Display and Game Printed-Cir-cuit Boards (PCBs). Tempest is Atari's first color X-Y game. The color X-Y video display produces a great number of colors in varying intensities. Atari's X-Y game circuitry has been redesigned for a color video display.

• Game Play. Atari introduces Skill-Step™, and 99 levels of play on 16 different playfields. A demonstration mode allows you to accelerate through 98 levels of play. In addition, a special switch setting lets you freeze the game action (see Section H, Game Play).

• Encoder Wheel. This new control has a compact, simplified design which makes servicing easy. This control's circuitry is contained on a single PCB. The very smooth action is designed for greater player accuracy.

• Coin Door. This game has Atari's new vertical-mounted coin door. It allows full access for servicing the coin acceptors and other electrical parts, yet provides security for the cash. Therefore, the two doors are separately keyed.

• Cabinet Design. This newly designed cocktail cabinet places most of the game components in one compartment. The Analog Vector-Generator (AVG) and Auxiliary PCBs are mounted back-to-back and separated by plastic standoffs. In addition, the adjustable legs provide cabinet stability with two cocktail-table height settings and a third setting which allows a player to stand while playing the game.

These new features, as well as other major parts in the game, are illustrated in Figure 1. Throughout this manual, wherever one of these new features is mentioned, you will see this symbol: _ _

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