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Examination for Shipping Damages:

Before shipment from the factory, components and sub-assemblies of each game are carefully checked for proper operation. However, during shipment some adjustments may have changed or parts may have been damaged.

The game is packed in three shipping containers, with certain parts disassembled. One container has the gun mount container, less the gun itself. A second container has the CRT cabinet and the gun, and the third container has the support tube and plate assembly needed for interconnecting the cabinets. Upon initial removal of the game from the shipping containers, first examine the exterior of the cabinets. Then open the cabinet doors and also examine the interiors. Any shipping damage such as a dented, cracked or broken cabinets, sub-assemblies broken loose, etc., should be reported immediately to the shipper and to Atari, Inc.

Mechanical Inspection:

After determining that the game has been received in good condition, carefully inspect the interior parts and verify the following:

(a) All plug-in connectors are firmly seated.

(b) The fuses are all seated in their holders

(c) No loose foreign objects are present (especially metal objects which could cause electrical short circuits)

(d) No harness wires have become disconnected or pulled loose.

Be sure all major assemblies have been checked. In the gun mount cabinet check the bottom side of the gun mount assembly, the speakers, the coin door assembly, components on the tape deck shelf (including a small printed circuit board and two tape cartridges packed in the storage box alongside the tape deck itself), the coin box, the RF shield box (perforated metal box mounted on the cabinet door), and the power supply assembly mounted on the floor of the cabinet.

In the CRT cabinet, check the TV monitor, the two fluorescent lamp assemblies (one at the top front of the cabinet and one inside the cabinet at the front, about halfway down), the power cord, and the plex and cardboard panels stored in the shelves at the bottom of the cabinet. Also confirm that the half-silvered mirror (installed at a 45" angle in front of the TV tube) is firmly in place.

Do not go on to the remaining paragraphs in this section until the above mechanical inspection has been thoroughly performed.

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