Printed Circuit Board Handling Precautions

When installing and removing the IC Board, make sure that the cabinet's Main Power is OFF

^ Foreign matter, including dust on the IC Board, may cause malfunctioning (short circuit, combustion, etc., due to the Board's generation of heat) to occur. Therefore, keep the IC Board surfaces always clean.

Completely perform the connections of the IC Board's and other item's Connectors. Insufficient connector insertion may cause the IC Board to be damaged. Therefore, pay careful attention to this point. Also, for the IC Board circuit inspection, only the usage of logic testers is permitted.

^ The Model-2A P.C.B., when used without the Shield Case, may have a radio wave fault. Therefore, be sure to utilize the Ancillary Shield Case. Should any problem arise when the above-mentioned Shield Case is not utilized, SEGA will not be held responsible whatsoever.

^ The contents of the product herein described are subject to change without notice.

^ The DIP Switches on the I/O Board and Sound Board are all set to OFF at the time of shipment. Do not change the setting without good reason.

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