g. operator options

The operator options offer maximum player appeal for your game location)«;). These options are listed in Table 1 -3. They are preset for a certain game set-up during production. To determine how the switches have been set for your game, compare the attract mode with the information in Table 1-3. Operator Option Settings.

To change the toggle positions of the switch assembly and set the desired options, the printed circuit board (PCB) must b« removed according to the following procedures:

1. Switch the game power on/off switch to "off" and open the rear access door. 'I. Locate the radio frequency (RF) shield assembly immediately inside the game cabinet behind the access door (see Figure 1-6} This assembly is on aluminum box with many small holes. On one end of the assembly is a small PCB with an edge connector coming from the edge of the Video Pinball game PCB.

3. Turn the three individual quarter-turn fasteners on the RF shield PCB V-f-turn to the left or counter-clockwise.

4. Carefully pull out the game PCB and the RF shield board together as a unit. These would not normally need to be separated when merely making option switch changes.

5. Set the switches for the desired options as listed in Table 1-3.

6. Replace both PCBs by following steps 1 through 4 in reverse order. Do not force or bend the game PCB. Before replacing, inspect the PCB for damage.

7. Close and lock the rear access door.

8. Plug in the game and verify that all options function by playing the game.

Table 1-3 Operator Option Settings for Video Pinball™

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